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Physical gold is not about to become unavailable and the paper game in gold is not about to collapse. People who think otherwise need to come up with a valid reason to dispute this statement. The most convincing argument for … Read More →

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Brett Arends, a daily contributor to the Wall Street Journal Online, has just completed part two of his pedestrian series, “Why I Don’t Trust Gold”, wherein he makes some bold claims about gold and the gold market, some of them … Read More →

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After taking the time to evaluate the recently released feasibility study on Detour Gold’s Detour Lake project, we’ve determined that our call to take full profits on Detour Gold was valid. A bit premature perhaps, having missed out on a … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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We have recently been critical of the Sprott gold fund (AMEX: PHYS, TSX: PHY.U) as a way to gain exposure to gold prices because of the large premium to NAV that has been built into the share price as a … Read More →

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eForum User Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions The Metal Augmentor eForum is based on a blog format that makes it easy to catch up with new content, discuss topics, ask questions and search the past archives of our Metal Augmentor … Read More →

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In this updated analysis of our mid-tier silver producer report (debut report published May 5th), we have (1) changed the values attributed to P&P, M&I, and Inferred in situ resources in order to better account for exploration-stage projects where a … Read More →

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It was quite an ugly day in the markets on Thursday with longs the world over finding rotten eggs and dirty rocks in their shoes as they tried to hurriedly sneak away from the asset rallies that have kept the … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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We have been looking for some evidence that the corner is being turned with the U.S. finally joining the nuclear renaissance that started in many parts of the world during the middle of the last decade.  One reason why the … Read More →

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We have been keenly following Blue Sky Uranium’s (TSX-V: BSK) exploration progress at its Anit uranium property in Argentina ever since not one but two newsletter writers who have our deepest admiration took an active interest in the company. We … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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As many of you may remember, we wrote our debut “Cash is King” mining equities report way back in November 2008. Including subsequent updates, we eventually featured a total of 117 companies which are now registering an average gain of around 200 percent. Login or Subscribe to read more →

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