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Although we’ve been looking for a while, we haven’t found any big picture technical views of commodities that we really like. Therefore, we recently started working with our institutional-level market technicians, Eidetic Research, to put together an analysis that can help guide and keep us … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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While in Vancouver this past month Primero Mining (TSX: P) jumped out at us as potentially attractive gold-silver producer relative to its peer group. Upon further examination, however, we discovered that the company’s prospective glint is superficial given that the … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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NOTE: We were planning to complete a generic gold and silver market update earlier this week but current events are very much being driven by a single geopolitical force at the moment so we thought it would be more appropriate … Read More →

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Jonathan Lebed is quite the character. Just take a look at this extended piece by Michael Lewis written back in 2001 detailing the then 15 year old “Stock Manipulator” and “SEC Nemesis”. According to Lebed’s website, “he is the most … Read More →

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Valuations currently being applied to many junior exploration companies are reaching record levels, making it harder and harder to find companies with favorable risk to reward ratios. But look long and hard enough and you’re bound to discover a few … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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Over the past few weeks we’ve had the opportunity to check out some of the companies we have in our portfolios from a few different angles. Useful insight was also gained at the Vancouver Cambridge show in January. We’ll have … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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We see a lot of companies here at Metal Augmentor so very little surprises us. Every once in a while, however, we run across a situation so egregiously wrong that it demands a few words from us. Today we are … Read More →

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In mid-January we discussed our intention to exit several positions in our model and real portfolios and we have now more or less completed these sales. After spending some more time this month analyzing our investment allocations, however, we have … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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Articles from Motley Fool frequently cross our desk, and when they have something to do with mining we’re usually left speechless by the author’s lack of understanding. A recent article by Seth Jayson featuring Yamana Gold (NYSE: AUY; TSX: YRI) … Read More →

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The Transition from How the Market Works to Collective2 As most of you know, we started our first model portfolio on July 1, 2009, and called it the Diversified Mining Portfolio. Then in July 2010 we decided to create another … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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