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Some may judge us as too cruel for having spent months dangling in front of your faces the prospect of revealing the names of our top rare earth exploration/development companies. We apologize if it seemed a little like tempting a … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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We hosted our first web conference for Collective2 (C2) “volunteers” on June 15th and we’ll be hosting our second on Tuesday, June 28th at 8pm Eastern Time. A recording of the first call has been made available to C2 volunteers, and … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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Sino-Forest (TSX: TRE; Pink Sheets: SNOFF) is the biggest Chinese stock fraud of all time according to Carson Block of Muddy Waters LLC as detailed in a 39 page “research” report published on June 2, 2011 and followed by a bullet … Read More →

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We’ve spent quite a bit of time examining the current situation at East Asia Minerals (TSX-V: EAS; Pink Sheets: EAIAF) given its relatively large portfolio allocation and the length of time we’ve held the position (well over a year now). … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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We’re in the process of updating our analysis of the Fukushima nuclear disaster but in the meantime we’ll go ahead and make it clear now that we’ve become much more pessimistic on the uranium mining business due to ongoing revelations … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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With metal prices staying relatively strong across the board while companies in the business of exploring and producing them are dropping like flies, it’s now official: we’ve entered the dreaded Summer Doldrums. Up until now we’ve made sure to keep … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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Updated on June 10, 2011: The charts and table associated with the Gold & Silver Metal Miners portfolio were replaced because originally they failed to reflect our Smash Minerals position. Shown below is our complete model portfolio performance history: Our … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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First, a big thanks to the 40+ people who have volunteered to pay for access to one or both of our Collective2 portfolios in order to help us get this new feature off the ground. These “volunteers” will soon be invited … Read More →

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Both gold and silver are off sharply today although off their lows after a new plan to avoid a Greek default on its debt was announced. From our perspective gold and silver remain in play — although only precariously so … Read More →

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[Metal Augmentor Note: We've been looking for instruments that would be useful in supplementing our gold and silver positions -- for example, the U.S. Treasury Bonds. The T-Bonds, however, may not be just yet ready to embark on a new … Read More →

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