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About Us

About Metal Augmentor

The purpose of Metal Augmentor is to aid both new and experienced investors in navigating the fascinating, dangerous, and rewarding world of investing in precious and other metals including mining equities. Our focus is on gold and silver but we also provide in-depth coverage of the other major metals, commodities and markets in general.

Our goal is to deliver world-class investment analysis.

Much of our investment research is provided for free but the most valuable information and our best market insights are exclusive and reserved for subscribers only.

Founding Members

Our original subscribers are called Founding Members and they will receive a number of exclusive benefits as a thank you for having joined Metal Augmentor while the service was still in development. Everyone who signed up prior to October 1, 2011 is already a Founding Member. There are a limited number of spots still available for new subscribers but they may be gone at any time. If you have signed up since October 1, 2011 and haven’t heard from us that you are not a Founding Member, it means you have snagged one of the remaining spots. As soon as Founding Memberships are full, we will update this section to reflect the sad news. Once all of the spots are filled, Founding Memberships will be available only as existing Founding Members “retire”.   Unlike other elite memberships, we have placed a strict limit on the number of Founding Members. The reason is that the value of the exclusive Founding Member features is very substantial. We are currently working on an updated list of Founding Member exclusive features but we can mention a few of them right off the bat:

  • Can join all our Collective2 portfolios for free (see FAQ).
  • Priority access to Metal Augmentor research team meaning that their questions are answered first.
  • Exclusive access to Metal Augmentor research team through various outlets.
  • Subscription rate for Founding Members is locked in forever.

If you are not a Founding Member, the way it will work is that whenever an existing Founding Membership is retired the next new subscriber in line will automatically become a Founding Member. Therefore, even if you don’t become a Founding Member when you subscribe, there is a good chance your turn on the list will be reached soon especially if you sign up early. We believe this loyalty incentive is unique and will create a very strong membership base at Metal Augmentor.

Other Features

Company Index: We are in the process of building an analysis hub for hundreds of mining companies that will integrate data and investment research from a number of different sources along with our opinion on each company so that investors will finally have a resource where they can actually conduct due diligence. We will be populating the company index in the weeks ahead and hope to have it completed for 150 companies by the end of this year. Some companies appear in the index simply because we have commented on news or developments related to them in the past so the list itself should not be taken as an endorsement that a particular company is prospective or otherwise worthwhile for investment or speculative consideration.

Market Insights: Portions of the Metal Augmentor service will appeal to investors or industry participants who buy or trade bullion and commodities. We examine various aspects of the metals and commodity markets and report our findings without agenda. Sometimes this can result in shockingly objective and frank observations. Our fierce independence means that we are willing to unleash fair criticism against all parties and every side of whatever debate we join. We believe this makes our work particularly valuable to those investors who hold gold and silver bullion in their own possession for the purpose of preserving their wealth or buying power against fiscal irresponsibility by fiat-wielding governments. Unfortunately there is a massive amount of misinformation out there being aimed mainly at these retail investors, many of whom place their trust in pundits whose only goal is to enrich themselves. A strong bull market can conceal the dangers and an objective, well-rounded and rational world view such as that pursued by Metal Augmentor will help reveal the cliff toward which the entranced crowd might be rushing.

Analysis of Mining Companies: A key feature of Metal Augmentor is the detailed coverage of mining equities from junior explorers to major mining companies. Our general approach avoids making outright buy and sell recommendations but instead provides relevant and timely information and insights so that each investor can confidently make his or her own investment decision. Our Collective2 portfolios provide more specific ideas on timing and allocation. Our new website has been built specifically to help organize information by category and we intend to take advantage of this functionality initially by creating an integrated portal of information about mining companies. The Company Index will be just one feature.

Models and Reports: We have built several proprietary modeling and valuation systems for mining companies, financial instruments and markets. These systems permit us to make uniquely insightful information available to subscribers. An example can be found in this free report on silver producers. We have built models for mid-tier gold producers, royalty companies and a number of other categories as well and we publish exclusive reports using these models several times per year. We also use these models for screening investment opportunities and even trades. Not only is our valuation data the most comprehensive — have you ever seen anybody compare ALL the silver producers head-to-head? — but we use a proprietary approach to arrive at our comparative metrics. A single report, such as this year’s first installment on silver producers, is alone worth more than the annual subscription.

Basis and Other Market Tools: Perhaps the most exclusive feature of Metal Augmentor is the in-depth coverage of the basis in gold and silver as originally taught by Professor Antal E. Fekete. We have been exploring the basis for several years now along with a number of other market tools that can give investors and the public in general an edge over even the market professional. The basis, as now admitted by many commentators, is the ultimate alarm bell that something is not right in the market. Our commitment to building basis and other market tools is evidenced by the fact that our new website has been built on a dedicated server that will allow us to build and run our own advanced charting and market monitoring tools. Our first order of business will be an alert function that monitors the gold basis for signs of systemic stress in the global monetary system.

About Our Head Researchers

The Metal Augmentor and Augment Partners, Inc. are headed up by Tom Szabo and David Zurbuchen.

Tom Szabo has co-founded several precious metal related businesses and investment funds, invests for his own account and has run the website at, a destination formerly enjoyed, reviled, visited and ignored by literally thousands of silver and gold investors. The Silveraxis website will eventually become part of the Metal Augmentor family while remaining focused exclusively on silver. In a former life, Tom was an auditor at Deloitte & Touche specializing in banks, brokerages and hedge funds. He also helped run the dotcom Excite@Home into the ground by refusing to let the salespeople book fake revenues. That’s a joke for former colleagues. But seriously, he was appointed to the bankruptcy team responsible for winding down this failed Nasdaq-100 company and he helped recover hundreds of millions in damages from those who actually did run the company into the ground.

David Zurbuchen has been the editor of two natural resource focused websites, provides research for several investment portfolios and has written premium newsletters focused on mining equities and the metals markets for a number of years. He is an expert data modeler and has built complex databases that can simulate fair market valuations and what-if scenarios in real time. David has a unique ability to get to the bottom of very complex issues by a combination of investigative skill, sheer willpower and effort. He won’t let go of any worthy unsolved problems until he exhausts every last avenue.

Disclaimer: We are not licensed investment advisors and this is not a recommendation to buy or sell shares in any company. The information and data herein is being presented as a service to help investors conduct further research. We believe the data comes from reliable sources but it may not be current and material changes in a company’s financial position could have taken place since the as-of date. Before making an investment decision, you or your licensed investment advisor should verify all information that you are relying upon. We are not responsible for the results of any investment made on the basis of the data presented herein, nor are we responsible for any errors or omissions (though we strive for accuracy and completeness). We disclose our own investment position or relationship in all companies.

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