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In various accounts last week Thursday (and then again on Friday) we initiated a long position in Canaco (TSX: CAN) offset with a short position on the Junior Gold Miners ETF (AMEX: GDXJ) as was discussed in more detail here and … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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We recently looked at the 3rd quarter Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (AMEX: GDXJ) additions, deletions and rebalancing to identify speculative trade opportunities ahead of time. A free version of this analysis is available on Seeking Alpha here. After … Read More →

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If you want to find out what can happen to a stock when an index drops it look no further than East Asia Minerals (TSX-V: EAS: Pink Sheets: EAIAF). Earlier today we spoke with the person responsible. Login or Subscribe to read more →

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Since the launch of the Sprott Physical Gold Fund (AMEX: PHYS, TSX: PHY.U) — marketed as a good alternative for investors to gain exposure to gold prices — an outrageous but shrinking premium to its net asset value (NAV) has … Read More →

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The Gold ETF Basis, representing the difference between the calculated net asset value (NAV) of the big gold ETF GLD and the spot gold price, is giving us a warning that price weakness in gold might lie immediately ahead. For … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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With the recent weakness in silver, it was somewhat gratifying to see that the iShares Silver Trust ETF, SLV, has just filed a report with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to disclose a recent amendment to their custodian agreement … Read More →

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Recently Adam Hamilton, CPA turned newsletter writer, wrote about conspiracy theories involving the huge SPDR Gold ETF, GLD. We think Mr. Hamilton is quite smart but often he gets bogged down in verbose details just like we do. In any … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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George Slezak is an experienced trader we have followed for many years primarily to help round out our market assessments and sometimes to provide a contrarian or simply different viewpoint on macro factors. His latest commentary is specific to gold and it … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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It has been a while since we updated subscribers on the ETF Basis, which is a measure of the daily range of trading premium or discount in the main gold and silver ETFs, the SPDRGold (GLD) and Silver iShares (SLV). … Read More →

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Many gold and silver investors are suspicious of exchange-traded funds, or ETFs. Despite this, we at The Metal Augmentor feel that the gold and silver ETFs, primarily the SPDR GLD and iShares SLV, provide useful market information such as market … Read More →

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