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The recent FOFOA analysis of hyperinflation is a noble try but it fails to differentiate between hyperinflationary collapse and hyperinflation per se. The former in all instances is the direct result of a futile attempt to avoid a liquidity trap … Read More →

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Gold seems magnetically stuck to the 1500 level while silver continues to power higher, having obliterated its scaled “E” target of 40 years as proposed by Eidetic Research. Silver is on a mission with certain manifestations of its shiny form … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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Articles from Motley Fool frequently cross our desk, and when they have something to do with mining we’re usually left speechless by the author’s lack of understanding. A recent article by Seth Jayson featuring Yamana Gold (NYSE: AUY; TSX: YRI) … Read More →

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We are periodically reminded just how small the gold market still is like we were this past week when the hedge fund SHK Asset Management folded. Of course it’s a good thing that the gold market is still so small … Read More →

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It is a commonly held belief by many precious metal investors and even a good percentage of market pundits that silver always outperforms gold during the latter stages of a precious metals rally. When the chart action goes parabolic — … Read More →

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This Thursday the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) conducted a hearing about its proposed rules to implement the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. Front and center was the issue of position limits, something that is near and dear to … Read More →

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Since the launch of the Sprott Physical Gold Fund (AMEX: PHYS, TSX: PHY.U) — marketed as a good alternative for investors to gain exposure to gold prices — an outrageous but shrinking premium to its net asset value (NAV) has … Read More →

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Dr. Ron Paul, U.S. Representative from Texas, wants to have an audit of the gold held at Ft. Knox that is under the supposed control of the Federal Reserve. He even plans to introduce legislation next year to force the … Read More →

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In a recent interview conducted by Jeff Clark of Casey Research and self-declared as The Best Gold Interview of 2010, Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin discusses the future supply situation in the retail bullion market. Unfortunately, most people who have … Read More →

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It should come as little surprise that we generally tend to agree with Jeff Christian on many of his points and to disagree with GATA on many of their points, simply because the former makes his arguments on the basis … Read More →

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