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In our continuing effort to research and analyze mining data, we have been busy this summer building up our modeling methodologies using the data visual method. In addition to analyzing mining companies and projects, data visualization can be helpful in analyzing individual factors such as jurisdictional and geopolitical risk. The following is an example of the possibilities available with this method of data analysis.

Every year the Fraser Institute surveys hundreds of executives and exploration managers in mining and mining consulting companies to assess how various risk factors effect their investment decisions throughout the world. This survey is made freely available and therefore often used as a tool to evaluate country risk. Noticing this year that the underlying data was available for download, we took the liberty of creating a user-friendly data visual tool using our data visualization tool Tableau. We hope that investors, brokers, analysts, hedge funds and other market participants will find this a more efficient and engaging screening tool than locating the risk factor of interest in the original 100+ page report.

Click to view interactive version

Everything should be pretty self-explanatory if you play around with the visual for a few minutes, but here are the basic filtering options:

  1. Select a region from the drop-down menu to zoom in at the country level. Note that the “state level” map will be blank for all regions besides North America, South America and Oceania because only certain state/provincial level data is collected by the Fraser Institute.
  2. Select a risk category from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select (left-click) a particular country or state/province. To revert back, just click a second time to clear the filter.

If you would like to zoom in on a particular area of the map, click and drag using the  tool.

If the visual ever gets “stuck”, simply click on the  icon to reset all filters.

We encourage readers to share this data visual. Perhaps in the future the Fraser Institute itself will decide to “augment” its report using this method.

Since you’ll probably be asking, yes it is still our intention in the near term to build various interactive comparative valuation models for exploration, development and production companies using Tableau. However, please understand that it’s a huge effort and besides the time involved reformatting and updating the existing database it will also require becoming proficient with the data software. As we create simpler visuals like the one shown above and our recent Timmins vs. Argonaut analysis, we are developing the necessary programming skills and learning the tricks to get the data singing and dancing how we like.

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  1. Hans

    Dr Zurbo, splendid effort indeed! This body of work is material and meaningful for all mine investors….It deserve a front page link…

    I did examine all the categories for Peru and was rather surprised by all of the green shading it received…

    Perhaps it included all of the beach front properties…?

    • @Hans

      Keep in mind the Fraser Institute is a survey of mining executives so you’ll have to find out from them about those beach front properties! Also there is a delay between the survey and publication and in the meantime conditions in a country could change as it indeed has a bit in Peru during the past year. Still Peru overall is arguably one of the better mining destinations in LatAm, which is not hard given the competition like Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc.

  2. Hans

    Silverax, the Shining Path and it’s reception committee are gleefully waiting for
    all bourgeois capitalists…

    Newmont Mining this week was duly punished by the Peruvian government..
    Whether in the jungle or the capital, someone there is picking your pocket…

    • kjm


      Point taken Hans but………………….

      Lots of mining friendly countries go thumbs down on projects as well. In this case, I believe the gov’t was caving to the wishes of the people just like the Can. gov’t caved to the wishes of the First Nations in B.C.. But keep in mind one of the best performing juniors of the last year was Rio Alto ( rio ) in Peru. Another one ,Sulliden ( sue ) has broken out nicely.

  3. Hans

    KLM, in Canada, you can leave the province; in Peru, you have to leave the country…

    Lima, is controlled by the rural peasant stock, who have always felt cheated by
    government and free commerce…

    I am afraid this will never change; damaging it’s mining growth in the progress..

    I do knowledge your point, with Australia coming to mind…Just introduce the Socialist model, anywhere, and you will damm mining and all other class of businesses..

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