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Well Ben Bernanke went and did it last Thursday, a “flexible” money printing operation that will ultimately test in the years ahead just how quickly and completely a central bank can destroy a currency. The Fed apparently wasn’t about to … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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A wave of resource nationalism is reducing the number of silver miners available for investment to the public according to Sean Rakhimov of Silver Strategies.┬áMuch of the expropriation (threatened or actual) has taken place in Latin America where a large … Read More →

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“Although this analysis focuses on the gold market and what we interpret to be technically positive developments, we want to preface our remarks with a subjective caveat. Intuitively, we are disinclined to think that gold prices should resume their long-term … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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Overnight silver hit a low $26.15 and then rebounded all the way back to $30. It currently trades at about $28.50, still down roughly 5% from Friday’s close. A similarly violent pattern can be observed in gold (low of $1532) … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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With silver now trading at double last summer’s level but 20% off its late April high (after having been down as much as 33%), is this a good time to buy? We would wait. If silver clears $41, that would … Read More →

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Both gold and silver are off sharply today although off their lows after a new plan to avoid a Greek default on its debt was announced. From our perspective gold and silver remain in play — although only precariously so … Read More →

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We’ll be at the New York Hard Assets show this Monday and Tuesday so we’ll be mostly out of touch with the Internet, but we might take the time to play a possible strong rebound in silver into June if … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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The daily CME report on metal future products has come out — PG62 Daily Bulletin #82 for April 28, 2011 — and shows that a pathetic 2,143 positions remain open in the May 2011 COMEX silver futures contract going into … Read More →

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I appreciate Zero Hedge quoting my “old work” trying to explain the mysterious “registered” and “eligible” categories of COMEX warehouse bullion holdings. The thank you (and yes, it is sardonic) doesn’t come because I agree with the context in which … Read More →

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Gold seems magnetically stuck to the 1500 level while silver continues to power higher, having obliterated its scaled “E” target of 40 years as proposed by Eidetic Research. Silver is on a mission with certain manifestations of its shiny form … Login or Subscribe to read more →

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