First and Last Word on Metals and Mining


  • @Snoek First thing I'd like to know is why PAAS elected not to go ahead but instead handed back all rights to Orko. Second thing - but it might be the... Read More →

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  • @Zurbo Someone fixed the website. And I would hope so, if GMA was in Toronto this weekend for the mining show.... Read More →

  • Still news should come soon, considering their statement in the Aug 28 NR 'An update on the ongoing PEA with G Mining Services Inc. for the Montviel p... Read More →

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  • Hi Guys, together with your Huldra analysis, Orko came out on Sept 20th with an updated resource estimate, which significantly increases their silver... Read More →

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  • @David More about drilling. The public relations info that the New York Fed publishes says that the bank uses a scale to weigh (to a thousandth of an... Read More →

  • @idiotic 4. We have seen, not heard of, gold bars (not PAMP) shipped by Kitco that appear to have been shallowly drilled and refilled. That suggests t... Read More →

  • @David I absolutely agree that anything can be faked and I admit the world is crawling with all kinds of products that take a substantial amount of ca... Read More →

  • @forwill Here is a news video: I guess this merchan... Read More →

  • Interesting (or not ?) analysis of the market's disappointment here : quote : "... Read More →

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  • @David This story sure raised my eyebrows. A good portion of my gold bullion holdings are in the form of the 1oz Pamp Suisse Fortuna bars encapsulated... Read More →

  • @joey I'll second that sentiment and add a quote on how ETFs have changed the junior market and investing: An ETF in the junior mining sector is an ab... Read More →

  • Very encouraging close for Silver Wheaton! This is a classic shooting fish in a barrel scenario. Any puts should do well over the next few weeks. Good... Read More →

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  • Rick Rule, interviewed: Entertaining and captivating, as always. Choice comments include: “… for investors in the sector …t... Read More →

  • Not to late to grab some SLW OCT PUTS here. Read More →

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  • Looks like my Sept Puts were a little too ambitious. Looks like OCT will see a decent correction. Read More →

  • @forwill @idiotic Thank you both for the feedback. Great information. I sent a note to Eric King, and he said he would like to ask Bill Haynes next we... Read More →

  • @David Hasn't silver bullion always been a "confidence game" because it is easily alloyed with copper? Large amounts of copies of reputable fabricator... Read More →

  • @David Some other thoughts in this context and acknowledging that our expertise is in technical analysis and not in current events interpretation: 1.... Read More →

  • @David Here is an excerpt from a March 2012 posting on the Perth Mint Bullion Blog re a method for identifying fake bars: "...........With regard to i... Read More →

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  • @forwill here's a good aticle with photos of drilled and peeled bars. Yikes, they're Pamp Suisse Read More →

  • @David That is a scary thought for sure. The article I read gave no real detail about whether the bars were poured or extruded or struck; only that th... Read More →

  • Does anybody have thoughts on recent discovery of fake gold bars showing up in the jewelry district? I personally do not buy physical precious metals... Read More →

  • Here's a totally speculative idea: I bought some shares of the JV partner on Kinsley Mountain, Nevada Sunrise (NVSGF) at a negligible .0975. MC is jus... Read More →

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