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Rare Earth Visuals

Below we have created several interactive visualizations to make the Rare Earths market easier to navigate for investors. Although our initial data only deals with resource grade and various measures of rock value it illuminates many interesting relationships that would otherwise be extremely difficult to identify.

Soon we will be incorporating additional qualitative and quantitative considerations such as project location, recovery rates, mining cost, capital cost, by-products (good and bad), as well as greater segmentation of each project resource. We also plan to add additional interactive functionality such as allowing custom price inputs for each rare earth oxide.

Interested in custom visualization solutions? Contact us.

Rare Earth Oxide Price Scenarios

Resource Segmentation

Total Rare Earth Oxide (TREO) Grade Comparison

TREO Grade Comparison and Distribution

TREO In-Situ Value Comparison

TREO Rock Value ($/tonne) Comparison

TREO Combined Value Comparison

TREO Basket Comparison

“Critical Five” Basket Comparison (Nd, Eu, Tb, Dy, and Y)

“First Four” Basket Comparison (La, Ce, Pr and Nd)

Please contact us if you believe any of our project data is inaccurate. For example we’ve noticed that NI 43-101 reports will sometimes round a grade of say 0.002% to 0.00% thereby significantly impacting comparability, whereas the company in question may have reported grades to 3 or 4 significant digits elsewhere.

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