First and Last Word on Metals and Mining


David, thanks for creating and sending this chart of project distribution by country! It should help me and your subscribers on considering the geopolitical risks with each royalty company. Your efforts took a lot of work, but summarizes the data in easy to understand form! Thanks again!!

James (Founding Member)
December 31, 2010

I thank you so much for your insight into my question. It's refreshing to ask someone with obvious knowledge a question and get a straightforward answer.

Harvey (Founding Member)
December 2, 2010

It is a complement to your service that I renewed my membership and got anxious when I couldn't see the articles.

Barry (Founding Member)
October 5, 2010

Congratulations to MetalAug, that´s what I call quality.

Walter (Founding Member)
September 8, 2010

I joined Metal Augmentor more than a year ago. Their focus is primarily on the resource sector… often on the smaller companies that are under the radar. Their service often front run big moves in these companies by keeping subscribers well up to speed with highly detailed, well thought out reports on the prospects for the companies they profile/review. Early on, I realized the Metal Augmentor team is quite different in what they provide to subscribers, as follows:

1. They take no compensation from the companies they review.

2. Their expertise in understanding drill results and reporting those to subscribers is exceptional.

3. They help us know the real deal from those companies that are pumped, over hyped and over promoted (often without solid fundamentals to back them up).

4. As a community of ethical investors. seeking to expand our knowledge of the junior resource sectors, Metal Augmentor encourages subscribers to be part of the service by allowing us to share our ideas and ask questions.

5. Most of all, I greatly respect their high level of integrity, and I have learned to trust their input.

6. They do an excellent job of covering the junior and mid-level companies in the following sectors:

A. Gold
B. Silver
C. Copper
D. Base metals
E. Uranium
F. Oil & gas

They also provide superb technical and fundamental analysis for gold, silver, Oil, Nat gas, and the US$.

I’ve been investing in resource sectors for over 25 years, and have subscribed to most of the top dog (considered?) resource investment letters. I’ve dropped most of them and favor Metal Augmentor as my go to service for solid, ethical, well researched information on which companies warrant my attention and capital investment.

Highly recommended!

Gary (Founding Member)
September 24, 2010

I have subscribed to several well-known precious metal, mining, and technical analysis newsletters but they have disappointed me with their content and/or investment advice. After I became a founding member of Metal Augmentor, I dropped my other subscriptions because MA is the real deal. The newsletter offers an abundance of information that is very well researched, and the advice is often right within a few weeks. The technical analysis is very detailed, timely, and balanced. Nobody offers the type of spreadsheet analysis that is provided frequently, and nobody provides an interactive blog format. It is a one of a kind service.

Things that I really like:

1. Mining company research and comparison
2. feedblitz alerts
3. basis analysis
4. tech analysis (the daily addition is outstanding)
5. portfolio management guidance
6. speculative trading ideas
7. commentary and research on metals and mining, markets.
8. subscriber input
9. periodic commentary and summaries of several mining companies.

This gives a speculator and investor a one-stop shop for all his/her needs.

It is clear that Silverax, Zurbo, and ER [sic] are investing a huge amount of effort into MA each week.

The authors have unique expertise in accounting and mining analysis. I can see this service blossoming into the clear leader among all precious metals investing newsletters.

David (Founding Member)
September 24, 2010

I really love the personal attention one gets as a subscriber. I’m extremely pleased to be a founding member and I find it almost too good to be true that this was still available when I joined up (and folks, no I’m not on the payroll of MA in any shape or form!!). I believe yours to be a rather unique model in terms of the accessibility to the general public to your research and commentary. But I wonder and I’m sure others also about how you can be an expert on so many companies without spreading yourself too thin. How do you keep up on quality control? How can you manage so many things at once?!

31Floors (Founding Member)
April 8, 2012

Thank you Tom and David for saving some of my bacon in today’s selloffs of some explorers!! I have read so many positive commentaries on GCU Gold Canyon Resources, and it never crossed my mind to throw any money on Springpole. Why not? Because of this Swiss Cheese diagram!

I was chatting a few months ago w/ Tom on Batero, complimenting him on his DD on the water situation in Colombia (in some areas). Maybe it was a fluke but I chose to cut my losses at $2.35 or so on my $2.80s. Well, it wasn’t a water problem but batero closed today down 50% at $1.30. I am really pleased to be an MA subscriber, moreso after today.

31Floors (Founding Member)
February 27, 2012

Peerless report, Dr Zurbo, your Oscar is in the mail! We have been following AG, AWU, EXK, GPL, and HL…

I must say, that this report is rather timely for us, as in the coming months (July 2012) we may be shifting out of the Au sector and into Ag…Hi-Ho Silver!

It has been some time between significant reports, but it is articles such as this that makes me chop-at-the-bit!

Hans (Founding Member)
February 27, 2012

This is an outstanding article! applauding wildly're raising the bar, fuelling higher expectations...many encores, please!

Duly noted and appreciated is that you have stricken this 'net by product accounting incomparability' issue off your 'to do' list with a very timely example. thanks!

The Boliden link re the smelter business was very informative...was thinking about DPM's Namibia 'profit centre' in development throughout my reading.

I intend to print a hard copy of portions of this article for easy reference hereafter as this reader's critical aid to reading the sector's financial statements.

Joey (Founding Member)
April 3, 2012

Amazing information - I look forward to every article from you.

Gwen (Founding Member)
November 20, 2011

you [Silverax] model out of the box thinking about what really is going on here and offer wonderfully credible and informative and instructive commentary.

Joey (Founding Member)
March 25, 2012

Although I've not been a subscriber for long, I'm very impressed by the depth of your analyses and the comfortable feeling I get that you guys are 'straight shooters'. As well I enjoy your down to earth style, even if sometimes the material is not easy to follow. Somehow, it feels like you are 'speaking' to me. Thank you and I'm really glad to be on board.

Dan (Founding Member)
December 20, 2011

I have to remember to read everything posted by MetalAugmentor. I really enjoyed this essay and lesson on greater fool market action.

David (Founding Member)
March 25, 2012

The comments and discussions here at MA are the best. The fact that subscribers and the MA team can debate severe differences of opinion without resorting to schoolyard tactics is always refreshing. Particularly in an online world where posters typical modi operandi is to name-call and berate individuals right out of the gate.

Forwill (Founding Member)
April 16, 2012

The MA team always have their ears to the ground listening for opportunity, so I don’t feel like I could be in a better place.

Forwill (Founding Member)
April 29, 2012

Excellent report Tom and David. All your reports are excellent, and I sometimes take them for granted, but a lot effort and knowledge is found in your analysis and writings.

David (Founding Member)
June 2, 2012

Otto (IKN)A few days ago I got to see a new report written by the guys over at Metal Augmentor. I thought it was really good work and so floated the idea back to them that they put a version in a PDF file and then we stick the report up here on IKN, offering it as a free download to anyone and everyone. So today that's exactly what is happening ... It's an excellent comparative analysis of nine silver producers, with plenty of charts, lots of smart commentary and recommendations for investors too...

Otto (IKN)
June 9, 2010

Last month I bought some SLV puts as a hedge and it worked perfectly. That was my first foray into options and I could not have done it without your help. Also made money on your stock recs this year and have since lightened up considerably ready to hopefully reload in a few months. Subscribing to the Gold and Silver portfolio is the least I can do to show my appreciation.

Dave (Founding Member)
June 8, 2011

Time is the most valuable commodity - after gold! - and it is appreciated when people correspond with their subscribers in a concise and clear manner to help them scan through the information rapidly without having to ask what is meant by what is written. Especially when English is a second language.

Normand (Founding Member)
June 7, 2011

There are a few good writers out there...but most of the good guys are locked up in big shops...and us small fry can’t get access. You guys are a gift to persons such as myself that are trying to roll our own.

Anyhow I am a happy camper with your service. I had mostly given up the PM newsletter industry as a bunch of hucksters for pump and dump operations. I do read Otto...because he has, like you, a “fundi rules” mindset and also an acerbic sense of humor about the industry...

....your recent mid tier Silver report was perfectly awesome...

Philip (Founding Member)
March 14, 2011

Gary Tanashian (BiiWii / NFTRH)There are three services that I highly recommend for fundamental analysis of precious metals and commodity mining stocks. Listed in chronological order of my association with them, and 100% unsolicited by these guys:

Otto Rock @ IKN...

Mickey Fulp...

Metal Augmentor: Yes, you see their unsolicited NFTRH feedback over there to the right. That is actually what gave me the idea for this post, as I think it was a long time coming. When this kind of input (for NFTRH) comes in from people I regard so highly, I know I am on the right track. This is not simply a tit for tat response. I first heard of the Metal Augmentor after Otto highlighted some research they provided for free about Silver. This was the better part of a year ago and the site was evidently just getting off the ground. I immediately signed up with a 'Founding Member' subscription because what I saw, I liked. There is both complimentary and premium content available and you will notice that it is devoid of hype and auto-pilot type thinking. The research is extensive and taken very seriously. I can thank MA for and ATC.v, and have a couple on watch list as a result of their thorough analysis.

With these 3 relationships, I feel quite safe operating within the precious metals exploration space because, while I am all about technicals and macro fundamentals, you need to know somebody is watching what is going on under the ground, in the local community and in the board room. In short, Otto, Mickey and Metal Augmentor allow me to add value to the service that I offer. This is not a tout for these guys - again, they have no clue this post is going up - it is simply the truth.

Gary Tanashian (BiiWii / NFTRH)
February 25, 2011

I enjoy your marvelous discussions in writing and would like to thank you for these, not only because of the successful picks I utilized, but also for the outstanding conscientiousness and exemplary fairness in conducting your business. Something rarely found in the last decades.

Wilhelm (Founding Member)
July 22, 2011

Gary Tanashian (BiiWii / NFTRH)I had already owned Sandstorm Gold (SSL.V, SNDXF) and was reviewing other small gold royalty plays. Enter the Metal Augmentor, a fundamental stock research website to which I subscribed to gain broader access to fundamental mining stock analysis (to go along with associations with IKN and Mickey Fulp). Between these three, and what I am able to come up with on my own through TA and the general grapevine out there (including some really really savvy NFTRH subscribers), I feel I have the sector well covered from the POV of fundamentals on individual companies.

Long story short, last year I wanted another small royalty play for the NFTRH portfolios and Metal Augmentor happened to do an exhaustive study on the players, with Golden Predator (GPD.TO, GPRXF) coming out on top. This due to their royalty component, their silver component and their Yukon exploration component as relates to valuation. Well, today the Yukon component got a nice bump and I would not only not have been aboard (adding more recently on 'bottom feeder' technicals), I probably would not even have known about GPD if it were not for the Metal Augmentor.

I choose my stock fundamental information sources carefully, and these folks along with paid subscriptions with sentiment and macro guys like and John Williams' ShadowStats ensure that NFTRH - and yours truly - are in good hands.

PS: Metal Augmentor has no clue this post is being written and I receive absolutely no compensation consideration whatsoever. I am simply a satisfied paying customer of the service.

Gary Tanashian (BiiWii / NFTRH)
July 27, 2011

Otto (IKN)Meanwhile, this on SFF.v last week is from the smart guys at Metal Augmentor. For the record, put me firmly in their camp as regards Seafield: "I’d go as far as saying that anybody who compares Seafield to Ventana Gold (TSX: VEN; Pink Sheets: VENGF) at this point hasn’t even bothered to look at the drill map." DYODD dude, and laugh hard at self-fulfilling prophecies.

Otto (IKN)
December 6, 2010

Thank you very much indeed for your extremely helpful service. I'm logging in every day to check the latest updates.

Laurent (Founding Member)
May 6, 2011

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your thoughtful analysis and manner. Thank you!

George (Founding Member)
July 8, 2011

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